Industrial cleaning is a commercial cleaning service that involves the specialized personnel, methods, and special equipment needed to clean potentially hazardous areas of a facility.

Industrial cleaning is normally carried out in a factory or warehouse. Its objective is to maintain a high level of cleanliness
and hygiene in the facilities and, for the health of the employees, as well as to achieve the healthiness of the products created or stored there.

There are many types of industries: pharmaceutical, fishing, food, textile, metallurgical, automotive, etc. Therefore, each one has specific needs and requires cleaning in different areas, for example:

  • Industrial maintenance cleaning.
  • Deep cleaning for factories.
  • Cleaning of offices, waiting rooms, and reception areas.
  • Height cleaning of glass and windows.
  • Bathroom cleaning.
  • Cleaning of machinery and production lines.
  • Cleaning of refrigerators and other storage areas.
  • Cleaning of loading and unloading areas, garages, and car parks.

Bright Facility Management Services is a prominent commercial cleaning services provider in Adelaide Australia with decades of experience.

Commercial cleaners have the training and experience to get your office clean quickly and efficiently. In addition, they have
access to the latest cleaning products and equipment, which means they can tackle even the toughest stains and dirt.

A professional commercial cleaning service can use safer, “green” products so that toxins do not linger in the air and the environment is not filled with perfumed cleaning products that can trigger a reaction in many people.

Bright Facility Management Services is a prominent commercial cleaning services provider in Adelaide Australia with decades of experience.

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